What’s in a name?

So what’s in a name?
In our case, a lot.

Ernesta is a beautiful word. As the team and I have lived with it, the feel of it has grown on us by the day. What started as a project name to be replaced by a “brand name”, has become something we cannot part with.

The name reflects my fascination with Ernest Hemingway. His writing. His life. His story. Hemingway spent many years in Cuba, where my father went to high school. Both men fought in wars. The Great War and Vietnam, respectively. Both loved the sea, and to fish. My father raised me in the Florida Keys where he taught me to fish, and to appreciate Hemingway. I have since lived in Spain and in Sun Valley where Hemingway lived his best years, and his worst.

Hemingway wrote in simple and concise sentences. Efficient sentences. Elegant and elevated sentences. With impact that transcended their simplicity. Critics called it “economical and understated.” That is what Ernesta will strive to create. Smart, efficient, understated style. With great impact.

Ernesta is the feminine extension of Ernest. That is important to us. It transforms our inspiration, Hemingway’s legacy, by embracing a more-inclusive future.

We considered two other names. Head Corner Stone and Simmer Down, both Bob Marley songs. The first, a beautiful, unreleased track about rejection and rebirth. That felt appropriate. “The stone that the builder refuse; will always be the head cornerstone.” The second song a call for peace in the streets of Kingston. Both from a man who transformed a genre and made the world brighter. Goals that we share.

While we didn’t select either, we did keep the connection to Bob Marley. And the power of music in a home. Robert Nesta Marley was his name. Er-Nesta. His (and all) music sounds better when hard surfaces are covered. A custom fitted rug means better sound.

A nest is more than shelter. It is a place you create for those you love. It’s your home. And our community guides and supports your design decisions every step of the way. You are never alone when you’re with Ernesta.

I have been described as earnest. Good thing by the way, I feel entrepreneurs need to be earnest. The team here is earnest in its work to bring beautiful, custom rugs to your home, in a timely, cost-effective manner. So, while we are Ernesta, you can find us at both ernesta.com and earnesta.com.

Let’s stay in touch.

John Foley

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